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Estate & Business Continuity Planning

Estate and Business Continuity Planning is one of our largest areas of expertise. Once we have compiled the Heritage Book and have an understanding of a clients’ current estate plan, we use their objectives as a compass and work closely with their advisors to create a customized plan that helps meet their needs. Due to our client and advisor relationships and our standing in the industry, we regularly work with some of the top legal and accounting firms in the Nation, providing our clients with access to advanced planning concepts and designs including, but not limited to, generational wealth transfer, charitable planning, income tax planning, business succession planning, and asset protection.

When these concepts and designs are presented to clients, we continue to bridge the gap from the complex to the simplistic. Once all pros and cons are discussed, our clients, in conjunction with their advisors, can make informed decisions.

During the implementation stage, accountability is imperative. Without execution, the best plan is worthless. We treat our clients’ estate plans like a business and aim to ensure timeframes and deadlines are met and that the plan is seen through to the end.

Estate planning is a constantly evolving and lifelong process. Objectives change, families change, businesses change, laws change. To stay one step ahead, we conduct quarterly follow-ups and annual reviews to help ensure that our clients’ plans continue to match their objectives.

We are focused in doing everything in our power to best serve our clients while always striving to improve upon our process.